Natalie’s Body Transformation Story

Natalie - second runner up!

Natalie – second runner up!

This past spring/summer we held our 2nd annual Your Best Body Challenge, an 8-week fitness and nutrition challenge designed to help our participants create their best bodies ever.

At the end of the eight weeks we awarded prizes for our top finishers in several categories. Over the next few days you’ll have a chance to read the body transformation stories of our top three finishers.

First up, is Natalie Tomasco, 2nd runner up for the 2011 Your Best Body Challenge.

Before you read her story, you should know that Natalie is a “woman of a certain age”. I won’t reveal that age here but let’s just say that Natalie was not our youngest challenger. I tell that to emphasize the fact that body transformation can occur at any age.

In spite of  the “limitations” of her age Natalie stuck with the Challenge, and was a shining example of commitment, attending boot camp every Saturday and pushing herself through class regardless of (what she calls) her “poor physical condition”.

(left) Natalie, week 1 (right) Natalie - Week 8

(left) Natalie, week 1
(right) Natalie – Week 8

Here’s Natalie’s story:

“Although I had lost several pounds since February [of 2011], by May I seemed to have reached a plateau and I hadn’t lost any inches around my waist. I chose to participate in the [2011 Your Best Body] Challenge since I wasn’t exercising on a regular basis and wanted to learn some exercise options in order to improve my overall health.

4 Weeks into the Challenge [I found] that it was very hard for me, and still is, but I learned that I could exercise harder than I ever had before and even like it a little bit. I had never liked jumping, running or floor exercises, but have learned to modify them for my age and poor physical condition. What helped me to keep going was that I lost more weight and began feeling a bit stronger.

After 8 Weeks I have lost several pounds [almost 6], [16 total] inches and even a percentage of fat [3.8%], and now feel better physically than I have in several years. I have more energy and stamina and find myself moving more and sitting less.

I plan to keep exercising on a regular basis and pay attention to what I am eating. I know that I still have a long way to go to reach my weight loss and physical goals, but now feel that if I keep working toward them, I can get there, especially with the help of the Performance Fitness team.”

Thanks Natalie!

Natalie was rewarded for her efforts with a gift certificate to Kneady Muscles Therapeutic Massage.

Natalie changed her body and her life. You can too!

The seasons are changing and now is the perfect time to get started on YOUR best body. Click here to check out our fall schedule of boot camp, kettlebell and Pilates classes.