Gail’s Your Best Body Challenge Success

gailGail Meyer was our 2nd runner up for this year’s Your Best Body Challenge, however the YBBC was not the beginning (or end) of Gail’s fitness journey.

Gail has been training with Performance Fitness for a little over a year now. She started out in our Pilates classes and then decided to give kettlebells a try. During her year plus of training with kettlebells, Gail has gotten stronger, steadily increasing the size of the bells she’s using, so that now a 12 kilo (26.4 pound) bell feels light to her.

Kettlebells training helped with Gail’s initial body transform. In February she decided to focus more on nutrition and participated in our 30 Day “End of Winter Clean Up Challenge“. Gail’s reward for her clean eating was weight loss and new clean eating habits that she’s been able to maintain.

The spring 2011 Your Best Body Challenge was the next step in Gail’s transformation. She continued with kettlebell training and clean eating, added Saturday co-ed boot camp and got FANTASTIC RESULTS!

(left) Gail, Week 1 (right) Gail, after boot camp!

(left) Gail, Week 1
(right) Gail, after boot camp!

During the 8-week challenge Gail lost 8 more pounds. In addition to that, she lost 15 total inches and decreased her body fat by 5.5%.

Gail, like Natalie Tomasco, is proof that age doesn’t have to block your success when it comes to body transformation.

Another “woman of a certain age” success story! Congratulations, Gail!