Karen Vento’s Clean Up Story

(left) Karen, 2010 (right) Karen's new body!

(left) Karen, 2010
(right) Karen’s new body!

Karen was our Your Best Body Challenge winner for Fitness Transformation last year. She won the honor by improving her fitness level by 72%. She also lost 10 pounds to boot.

This year she distinguished herself by winning 1st Place for Lifestyle Transformation in our End of Winter Clean Up. As the result of her dedication, Karen lost a little over 7 pounds and a total of 5 1/2 inches.  Most importantly she cleaned up her eating habits.

In her own words, Karen learned “a new way to eat which has amazing results”. One of the most notable results is that she has her flat stomach back from her early twenties.

Karen’s biggest challenges were giving up sweetener in her coffee and diet soda. She managed to eliminate both from her diet and says she doesn’t think about using either now. Unsweetened iced tea and water are her beverages of choice.

Karen says  “eating clean now seems to be a regular routine for me and I hope to stick with it at least 85% or more of the time”. She like many others learned that eating clean really isn’t that hard.

Congratulations on your success, Karen!