2011 Clean Up Winners

For 4 weeks in February and March, 26 Performance Fitness clients, boot campers and “friends” participated in the End of Winter Clean Up. A nutrition challenge in which they ate real food (in other words minimally processed food) and eschewed sugar, artificial sweetener, alcohol and refined carbohydrates, like white bread.

There were tears (I’m not exaggerating) and irritability for some. For others the Clean Up was the beginning of a new way of life in terms of nutrition. And for everyone, whether the 4 week challenge was loved or hated, the Clean Up was eye opening, helping each individual to gain insight into his or her nutrition habits and (hopefully) change some of those habits.

We awarded four winners. Two prizes were awarded for best lifestyle transformation. These went to the two people who really grasped the concept of the Clean Up and had the biggest challenge and success in terms of changing their mindset and the way they ate. The other two prizes were for body transformation. These went to the two people who lost the most inches.

And our winners are…

  • Franzi Petermann (2nd Place for Body Transformation)
  • Marti Keegan (2nd Place for Lifestyle Transformation)
  • Marisa Guerin (1st Place for Body Transformation)
  • Karen Vento (1st Place for Lifestyle Transformation)

Congratulations, ladies!

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