Thank You!

I’m about to wrap things up for the long holiday weekend, but before I do I’d be remiss if I didn’t say “thank you” on this most thankful of holidays.

Thank you to:

My clients – Who value what my Performance Fitness team and I do. Who give us their money (thank you!) and more importantly, entrust us with their fitness and health. Whether you let us have a glimpse into your private lives by allowing us to enter your homes to train you or you brave the the elements (dark of morning , night, the heat of summer or the bitter cold of winter) to attend classes – you believe in what we do, and that means more to us than anything. Thank you.

My client friends – It’s rare that a relationship cross the bounds into friendship and still maintain it’s professional integrity. I’m lucky to have more than a few relationships in which this has happened. My client friends have helped me (in too many ways to mention) when I’ve been down, listened and opened up their hearts to me and I can never thank them enough.

My instructors – Andrea, Charlene, Irene and Sandi,  with whom I’ve entrusted my most valuable professional asset – our clients. Thank you for being the best at what you do, for constantly striving to improve yourselves and your craft and for being topnotch professionals on whom I can depend.

My family,” family by choice” and friends – I’m so blessed to be surrounded by  people who love and support me. Thank you for your encouragement, advice and love.

My admin, Lynn – You’ve been part friend, part client and the BEST assistant I could ask for! Thank you for your vision, which is sometimes more inspired than mine, your focus and for taking over my damn filing. 🙂 You are truly an amazing woman and I’m glad to have you at my side as we take  the fitness world by storm.

My husband, Ed, aka “The Husband” – Who sees me at my best and (more often) worst. The man who sees me without the well-honed patience that I display to the rest of the world. Who sees me in three size too big sweats, holey t-shirts and with messed up hair. Who sees me without filter or edit button – and still loves me. Thank you! You’re my best friend and I thank God everyday that you’re in my life.

Happy Thanksgiving!