WEGMANS! I think I’m in love…

Is it possible to love an inanimate object?  What about an edifice and all of it’s gastronomic delights?

I was in West Chester this weekend and decided to take a detour on my way home to check out the Wegmans in Downingtown. I’d heard people rave about the grocery chain for years and wanted to see what all the buzz was about.

Up (or was it down?) Route 30 I went for what I thought would be a short side trip. I foolishly entered the store sans shopping cart or basket; after all I intended to do a quick walk through and then head home to Delco.

What I found inside was a combination Whole Foods/Tevana/Bed Bath and Beyond/Giant/cafe – talk about one stop shopping (my shopping trips usually involve a 3-5 store marathon). At Wegmans  I found groceries, organics, natural food items, specialty items as well as non-food stuffs, many items with prices on par with or cheaper than Giant – my supermarket of choice. My favorite buys were salmon sausage, loose leaf Chocolate Chai tea (can you say yum?!) and Kosher ground turkey (more about my journey to the meaty side in a later post).

An hour, $27 and 3 shopping bags later I exited the store.

Unfortunately for me, the closet Wegmans is in Downingtown; 40 minutes from my house on a good traffic day. I’ll have to hold out hope for Malvern (opening slated for June) and King of Prussia (opening TBD). In the meantime The Husband and I have planned a field trip to Downingtown and supermarket utopia next weekend.

I say Delco needs a Wegmans! Letter writing campaign anyone?