New Year’s shopping list

Ah, January 4th. The first Monday after the New Year. The reset button has been pushed; time to get back to routine.

Most people are headed back to work for the first time in a few days, if not weeks.  And let’s not forget the daily workout – a routine that some haven’t engaged in since before Thanksgiving.

According to a survey by the marketing research firm, Harris Interactive, 63% of Americans have resolved to lose weight this year. Other surveys show that 75% of those resolving to lose weight will have fallen off the wagon by February.

Most people likely fail because they don’t have a strategy. The typical “loser” doesn’t realize that when it comes to weight loss and maintenance, nutrition is 85% of the equation. You can workout all you want but if you’re stopping at the drive-thru on the way home, your weight loss efforts will be in vain.

Here’s my shopping list to help you with that 85%:

McCann’s or 365 Brand (Whole Foods) Steel Cut Oats

Greek Yogurt (fat free or 2% – Fage, Chobani or Oikos)

Omega-3 enriched eggs (Eggland’s Best or Land-O-Lakes)

Eggology Egg Whites

Raw honey

Agave Nectar (low glycemic sweetener)

Crazy Richard’s Natural Peanut Butter

Skippy Natural Peanut Butter (no mixing required)

Trader Joe’s Almond Butter

Pumpkin seeds

Raw almonds

Wild Alaska or Pacific salmon

Chunk Light Tongol Tuna


Chicken breast

Lean cuts or grass-fed beef

Extra firm tofu

BSN Lean Dessert Protein Powder (The Vitamin Shoppe)

Nectar Protein Powder



Dark leafy greens (Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Collard Greens)

Salad greens (dark)


Sweet Potatoes

Berries (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries)





Ezekiel Bread


Low-fat cottage cheese

Extra Virgin olive oil


Jane’s Krazy Mixed-Up Salt