Losing it

The heat is on. Only 9 days until Christmas. Your calendar is filled with appointments – holiday parties, end of the year meetings, shopping dates. Surely, there’s no way to fit in a workout during all this madness. Why not just wait until the new year.

What are the results if you stop training all together? In as little as two weeks your fitness level starts to drop as a result of inactivity. Most data shows that aerobic conditioning can be lost at a rate of 50-100% depending on the fitness level of the athlete.

Sometimes, the biggest hurdle is getting back into shape psychologically – getting back into the mindset that working out is a part of your daily routine. You might find that your Christmas or  Holiday break turns  into a winter, spring and Easter break.

Check out this article from about.com for the facts on the detraining effect and ways to keep your workouts on your schedule during this busy time of year.