The crash…

10/24/29 (Black Thursday)

10/19/87 (Black Monday)



Listed above are some of the worst dates for financial markets. They mark either the start or apex of a recent economic disaster. A Crash.

Why do so many market crashes occur in the fall? Why October?


No, there was no worldwide economic event this day; just my own personal crash or should I say the crash of my personal computer.

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of getting The Blue Screen of Death you know how devastating a system crash can be. That afternoon and the 2 weeks of phone calls with technical support staff from (seemingly) all over the globe and the decreased productivity brought on by not having a fully functioning computer left me feeling lost, frustrated and powerless.

And what do many of us do when we feel these emotions? Workout? Well, frankly we often turn to food. Comfort food. This can lead to a disaster of a different sort if you’re trying to maintain your weight and a “clean” eating lifestyle.

Hopefully you’ll never experience The Blue Screen of Death, but if you do, and you find yourself turning to “comfort food”, be smart. Check out this recipe for a “cleaner” take on the classic baked macaroni and cheese. It’s by no means the cleanest of eating, but with 18% fewer calories and 54% less fat, it’s a decent substitute for the classic version.