It IS easy being green

I find that many of my new clients have trouble getting in the recommended 3-5 servings of vegetables a day, not to mention the recommended 3 servings a week of green leafy vegetables. My clients are no different from most Americans. According to surveys conducted by the CDC only 27% of adults get the recommended amount of daily vegetable servings. Whether it’s lack of time or knowledge or simply preference, most of us find it hard to be “green”.

Enter Green Smoothies. They’re packed with vitamins (C, K and several of the B’s), minerals (calcium, potassium and iron) and phytonutrients (beta-carotene).  Try the recipe below from my friend Ruth Harp from Whole Foods Market in Wynnewood.

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because of the color of these smoothies, but they’re actually quite tasty. Have the smoothie as an evening snack, complement to lunch (I’ll have leftover smoothie when I don’t have time to make a salad) or post-workout (just make sure you add some protein to the meal).

Green Smoothies (taken from the Whole Foods Wynnewood newsletter)

2 bananas

2 cups pineapple chunks

1/3 – 1/2 bunch greens (Kale, Collard Greens, Swiss Chard) washed and chopped into large pieces


  • Place bananas in blender. 
  • Add pineapple and then greens. 
  • Fill blender with water/ice mixture to about 2 inches below the top. 
  • Blend well.

Green Smoothies can be stored for up to 3 days in the refrigerator. 

  1. Green smoothies are very nutritious. Use about 60% ripe organic fruit mixed with about 40% organic green vegetables.  They taste like fruit but have all the nutrition contained in dark leafy greens.
  2. Green smoothies are very easy to digest. When blended well, all of the valuable nutrients become easy for the body digest.
  3.  Green smoothies, as opposed to juices, are a complete food because they still have fiber.
  4. Start with less greens and don’t use the stems at first as they can be bitter.  Let your taste buds adjust and build up your ability to drink a smoothie with more greens!