12 Days Fitness Challenge


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

You know, that time of year when people give up on their workouts, eat their faces off, and gain weight. Happy Holidays!

What if you could flip the switch on that scenario this year?What if you could Maintain NOT Gain? What if you could even, wait for it, get better and make progress on your fitness and weight loss goals this holiday season?!

We’re going to help you do that with our 2015 Twelve Days Fitness Challenge!

Your mission: Complete 12 workouts – any combination of personal training sessions, classes, a DIY workout from the Performance Fitness Exercise Guide (don’t have a PFit Exercise Guide? email us and get one!), a WOW, or one of the 12 Days Challenge Workouts – between November 30th and January 1st. That’s only 2-3 workouts a week of no more than 15 minutes in duration for five weeks.

We’re using what fitness expert Tim Ferriss, author of The Four Hour Body, calls the minimal effective dose of exercise for this challenge. In other words – do the minimal amount of exercise that will help you achieve your desired outcome, in this case – maintaining not gaining during the holiday season. Of course, this isn’t license to completely slack off. If you’re still able rock four to five workouts a week, then by all means do so.

The top five Performance Fitness members with the most points at the end of challenge will be eligible for one of five prizes including massage, $100 in Performance Fitness rewards, and gift cards to businesses we heart.

Three ways to get points:

  1. DIY – Every Monday through Friday starting November 30th a workout will be posted to the Performance Fitness blog. Check the blog, our Facebook page,  or our Instagram feed daily to see the workouts. Post to comments so that we know you’ve completed the workout and can give you your points.
  2. For PT sessions and group training (aka – boot camp and kettlebell classes), you will be given a point for each time you attend. Your trainer will check you in and we’ll update our list daily.
  3. Bonus points! – Send us a picture of yourself doing the workout and you’ll get 2 extra points. FYI – We might use the picture on the blog or social media, but we make it a rule to NEVER post unflattering pictures. Really shy? Tell us and we’ll just cut off your head crop your head out of the picture.

Not a Performance Fitness member? You can still play along (although not win the prizes) by following the 12 Days Workouts OR you could become a member and be eligible for the prizes and get the full benefit of training with our cast of wacky, yet loveable fitness experts.

Our wacky cast of characters











Alright, y’all – let’s thrive this holiday season and finish 2015 STRONG!